Meet the Team


Founder/Community Manager

Larry is the founder and community manager for BORED with many years of experience working in different industries including Tech and Art. With passion in both of blockchain and art, Larry founded BORED Museum to create a platform for artists all over the world to showcase their work and have a central place for people to enjoy.


Community Manager

Cat is an experienced Community Manager who excels at bringing people together. With their abilities, this allows for them to build a strong community for BORED.


Marketing Manager

Hoopla is the head of marketing for BORED. Feel free to reach out to them for any marketing proposals.


Human Resources Lead

Botox is the lead of Human Resources for BORED. Botox is in charge of managing the other Human Resource members and keeping watch over our social medias.


Human Resources

Chocolate is a team member on the HR team for BORED.


Human Resources

Toast is a team member on the HR team for BORED.